Homestay Sungai Setar Besar 8


Sungai Setar Besar is an amazing village rich with distinctive history and local charms. Located at Mukim 9 and 10 of Pekan Nibong Tebal, Sungai Setar Besar offers a villages houses for the homestay programme.

Discover Sungai Setar Besar strong Malay tradition that blend in heritage and genuine hospitality. Get exposed to exciting activities of local food making for mee better known as egg noodles, coffee, bananas pancakes, cookies and cendol.

Another popularity activity that you will witness is the women folk busy making delicacies such as coconut candies, lentils, and peanuts, rempeyek ikan bilis (crispy flat snack topped with anchovies), and other snack such as kuih buah rotan and cakar ayam. All are must for you to taste and treasure! 

Also catch a glimpse of the experienced fishermen of the village to learn more about catching big prawns, juicy crabs and catfishes. 

Must do at Sungai Setar Besar!

Visit the farms including the eel, sheep, cows, goats, chilli and pineapple farms.

Join the villagers for some fun traditional games of batu seremban, congkak, gasing and sepak raga. 

Get to work like villagers by helping them make rooftops made of coconut leaves.

Cruise by the village's river to watch the beautifully lit fireflies.

Joint Sungai Setar Besar today for a Kampung-Styled holiday!!!

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Property info

Property size: 600 ft

Property bedrooms: 1

Property bathrooms: 1

City fee: 0RM

Cleaning fee: 0 RM

Property prices

Price per night: 150 RM

Price per night for 5 days: 150 RM

Price per night for 15+ days: 130 RM

Price per night for 30+ days: 120 RM

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