About Us

        Founded and established in 2018, Hoocay.com is a Malaysian local travel convenience that provide information and service for travellers who are looking for places to stay. Inspired by the beauty vacation sites in Malaysia, Hoocay.com trying to encourage non-hotel accommodation industry to become popular choice of travellers from all around the world. By bringing the industry available on-line mode, Hoocay, through its platform, offers information such as price, reviews, photos, booking and other related travel services. While trying to provide travellers with great but low cost travel experience, Hoocay also giving everyone the chances to become hosts and opportunity for them to market their accommodation facilities that will boost their income.

    Appscraft Sdn Bhd (1278150M) is a full-service Digital Marketing firm founded by Muhammad Muzaffar and Co. The idea behind creating this company was to assist businesses, especially small businesses to market their services, products and ideas in a more simpler way by considering and connecting all the relevant digital routes. With knowledge and well-experienced in managing the digital properties and online marketing, later on providing us with solid background to form this company. Our operation-based approach and futuristic thinking capabilities make us to consider about current business community much deeper and try to provide them with tailor-made solutions to meet their business objectives. Our strong understanding of basic principles of marketing and our competency to adapt to the changes over time make us able to carry this aspiration. We dream to bring much significant and meaningful values for each invested money spent in terms of increasing production, well organizing, better marketing, higher brand visibility, and also enhancing sales and engagement. We understand the needs of our clients and try to create strategies to help them acquire a bigger success with their business. Appscraft Sdn Bhd currently provides Digital Marketing services to its local clients but will not rule out the possibility to enter global market and operate internationally. As for now, we compose customized strategies for all of our clients as we believe that each business is different and needs special attention to make the process successful. Our team consist of knowledgeable team member who have solid basics in attending the
customer requirement.

             Along with the services, we are also working on to develop our own few products to help our customers get better understanding and confidence in our business style. Once familiar, clients will be able to automate the marketing process for better control and reduced costs of time, money and efforts.